Ideal for patrol or tactical use. The ResponderBat is the lightest weight Baker Batshield. The ballistic component is 100% polyethylene composite – the world’s lightest weight hard armor material. The ResponderBat is the personal favorite of inventor and ballistic shield expert, Al Baker.


  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Threat Level Type IIIA
  • Two hands on the weapon for accurate delivery of firepower
  • Allows use of a long-gun or handgun
  • Integrated Bungee/Lanyard support system eliminates fatigue during long-term use
  • Can be positioned for hands-free wear on the users’ front or back torso
  • Natural centerline aiming – increasing accuracy
  • Exceptional visibility while on the move & using weaponry
  • Easy & intuitive to use – seamlessly integrates into established weapons training protocols
  • Dynamic force-on-force scenarios verify increased officer safety & effectiveness
  • Wrap-around ballistic coverage – excellent head, neck & torso protection from unseen threats
  • Flared outboard wing edges protect second/third responders
  • Non-ricochet – composite armor absorbs multiple rounds eliminating splash or spalling
  • No trauma – absorbs projectile impacts without pain maximizing appropriate response
  • Absorbs hits & bumps without torquing – stay focused & aimed on threat
  • Battle hardened construction to stay in the fight
  • Foldable for compact storage – instantly springs open when needed
  • Available with optional LED Lighting

Total Weight: 11 lbs. (4.9 kg)

Total Ballistic Coverage: 6.2 sq. ft. (0.58 sq/m)

Model ID#: BBS-001-C

Ballistic Components: Proprietary polyethylene composite armor panels (3)

Support/Trauma Reduction Hardware: Aluminum, Kevlar®, advanced heat-treated metal alloy, closed-cell foam

Skeletized support hardware components for weight reduction

Threat Level: NIJ Level IIIA

The ResponderBat is capable of defeating multiple impacts from a wide range of handgun, shotgun and sub-machinegun ammunitions and weaponry normally associated with NIJ level IIIA armor protection capabilities.

Baker Batshield