Designed to protect solo responders to an active shooter. The PatrolBat is the smallest sized model of Baker Batshield. Manufactured using proprietary Aramid Reinforced Composite (ARC) armor panels, the PatrolBat offers budget-strapped agencies low acquisition costs without sacrificing performance!


  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Threat Level Type IIIA
  • Two hands on the weapon for accurate delivery of firepower
  • Allows use of a long-gun or handgun
  • Integrated Bungee/Lanyard support system eliminates fatigue during long-term use
  • Can be positioned for hands-free wear on the users’ front or back torso
  • Natural centerline aiming – increasing accuracy
  • Exceptional visibility while on the move & using weaponry
  • Easy & intuitive to use – seamlessly integrates into established weapons training protocols
  • Dynamic force-on-force scenarios verify increased officer safety & effectiveness
  • Wrap-around ballistic coverage – excellent head, neck & torso protection from unseen threats
  • Flared outboard wing edges protect second/third responders
  • Non-ricochet – composite armor absorbs multiple rounds eliminating splash or spalling
  • No trauma – absorbs projectile impacts without pain maximizing appropriate response
  • Absorbs hits & bumps without torquing – stay focused & aimed on threat
  • Battle hardened construction to stay in the fight
  • Foldable for compact storage – instantly springs open when needed
  • Available with optional LED Lighting

Total Weight: 13.5 lbs.

Total Ballistic Coverage: 5.4 sq. ft.

Model ID#: PB-100-01

Ballistic Components: Proprietary Aramid Reinforced Composite (ARC) armor panels (3)

Support/Trauma Reduction Hardware: Aluminum, Kevlar®, advanced heat-treated metal alloy, closed-cell foam

Skeletized support hardware components for weight reduction

Threat Level: NIJ Level IIIA

The PatrolBat is capable of defeating multiple impacts from a wide range of handgun, shotgun and sub-machinegun ammunitions and weaponry normally associated with NIJ level IIIA armor protection capabilities.

Baker Batshield