• Shock reducing & battle-hardened free-floating adjustable handle
• Permanent Velcro® loop included in upper head protective region for users’ choice of attaching electronic vision devices – no heavy windows and related hardware needed
• Accurate delivery of firepower with long gun or handgun
• Dual bungee hands-free weight support system with quick release
• SAWS™ ambidextrous “Self Alignment Weapon Support” platforms (2)
• QuikDon™ – Instant wear neck collar attachment to dual bungee system – provides safety and additional stability with exoskeleton use
• Provision for instant attachment to optional “The Reaper”™ exoskeleton support
• Available Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote & Tan
• Fastex® female buckles included – provides anchoring points for dual bungee and quick release attachment to users’ tactical body armor (i.e., remove QuikDon™ collar and support shield weight by tactical vest drag strap or MOLLE)

Total Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg.)

Dimensions: 34″ (86.4 cm) tall by 20.5″ (52 cm) wide

Model #: M3-P-XL

Ballistic Components: Proprietary polyethylene and polyuria

Multi-Hit Trauma Reducing Battle-Ready Hardware: Honeycomb,
aluminum, heat-treated steel, Kevlar®, composite, closed-cell foam,
skeletonized throughout for weight reduction

Threat Level(s): Threat Level III+
Composite armor construction includes use of protective coatings, adhesives, and paint which vary in applied thicknesses – completed product weights are generally within plus or minus 3% of advertised total weights.

• Lighting system – wide-angle high-intensity LED with strobe & remote switch capability
• “The Reaper”™ exoskeleton support system
• Reaper Optimized Handle System (ROHS) – when “The Reaper”™ is used as the exclusive shield support system – the ROHS provides maximum shield stability & control during extremely dynamic operations (i.e., physical contact with hostile combatants and/or long-range shooting accuracy)
• Ballistic Rough Operations Cover (B-ROC) – this independent & removable level IIIA
ballistic shield is positioned onto the strike face surface of the MRAPS® Series shield –
deploys downwards at operator discretion to protect the shield bearers’ legs from handgun, shotgun & incoming deflected rifle rounds – quickly detaches to provide an extra XL sized shield when advantageous (i.e., rescue operation)
• Small Arms Rapid Reloader System (SARRS™) – mounts loaded M-4 magazine on shield for fast reloads with eyes on target, right & left handed models
• T-Slot 80/20 aluminum side rail system – attach points for readily available T-Slot mounting hardware to securely mount users’ tactical equipment onto either or both shield upper side edges (i.e., IR illuminators, electronics, thermal vision, monopod, etc.)
• Carbon Fiber Telescoping Monopod – provides full weight support during stationary shield positioning at users’ choice of height off the ground
• Custom colors and identification decals available (minimum quantity may apply)
• Non-ballistic MRAPS® training shields are available – same weight, hardware and appearance as armored shield model
• Extra Female Fastex® Buckles – enables additional team members to instantly
hook-up the shield’s dual bungee support system to their tactical vest for ready to
go anchor points

Level IV Shield