Baker Batshield® ACCESSORIES


High intensity LED lighting is available on all three models of Baker Batshield® foldable ballistic shields – emitting brilliant focused and wide angle lighting from the most appropriate mounted position, the lower central region of the shield.

• LED Light Array – 8 wide angle & 2 focused emitters with protective clear cover
• Wide angle assists detection of threats in the users’ peripheral vision
• LED Drive Control Unit – contains long life replaceable batteries, battery condition indicator, and three position switch
• 3 switch functions – high, low & strobe
• Remote switch activation on, off, & momentary – manipulated by the hand supporting the shield
• Durable aircraft aluminum construction
• Water-resistant
• Quality electrical cables and connectors
• Innovative mounting prevents wires snagging during rough use
• Easy & quick battery changes – no tools required

Model ID: LED-200-6L
Weight with batteries: 1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg
Max Output: 950 lumens
Run Time: High 3.5 hours / Low 26 hours @ 50F / 15C
Batteries: 6 each CR-123 lithium
Components (3): Light emitter, drive control unit, remote switch


Protects PatrolBat™ folded shield and allows for ease of transport while remaining concealed. The user may suspend the bag containing the folded shield from the shoulder strap, covering the support side hip. Or, simply rotate the shield position to the front and obtain additional ballistic coverage below body armor – also protecting the lower abdomen, groin and femoral artery regions.

At the users discretion; a quick release is pulled, the bag falls away, the shield springs open, and the PatrolBat is now fully open – allowing the user to present a weapon towards the threat from behind the now full-sized ballistic shield.

·       Four exterior handhold straps (2 per side) are provided to quickly position the shield to protect the user if time does not allow removal of the folded shield from bag
·       Velcro loop is permanently sewn onto the central region of one side of the bag. The user can add and identification patch or logo to the bag – potentially useful in undercover or covert operations and travel.
·       Removable adjustable shoulder strap is included

Model ID:  CC-PB-1
Weight:  1.2 lbs / 0.6 kg
Color:  Black
Materials:  Nylon, webbing & metallic quick release

SIM Covers

Transforms all three models of foldable Baker Batshield® shields into force-on-force trainers, allowing easy clean up of popular marker rounds.

SIM Covers™ consist of two removable machine washable elasticized fabric covers that attach to the “hard to clean” regions of the shield – the two wide horizontal elastic tension bands and their corresponding Velcro® loop attach pads beneath.

Model ID: ELSTC-C-2

Materials: Two water-resistant rubberized stretchable fabric  & Velcro® hook fasteners – top & bottom

Color: Black


A section of Nylon strap with Fastex® buckles that snaps onto and lengthens the permanently attached Baker Batshield standard Bungee/Lanyard.

Potentially needed when a Baker Batshield® is used by a very large person and/or when bulky tactical armor and equipment are worn.

Model ID:  EXTND-1
Materials:  Nylon & Fastex® buckles
Color:  Red