About Us


Baker Ballistics, LLC began in the aftermath of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. Lt. Alfred J. Baker, a highly decorated officer now retired from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit, realized a great need for better equipment to protect the safety of America’s law enforcement community.

During Lt. Baker’s twenty-five year career at the NYPD he was called the take action in multiple shootouts and experienced firsthand the loss of heroic fellow officers murdered in the line of duty. He felt the need to create innovative, portable and highly protective armor products that operated efficiently and accurately with the long-gun! Al’s idea of using the long gun as a primary weapon soon became reality.

Time has proven Baker Ballistics shields are now considered by many to be among the best life-saving types of protective equipment ever designed – now in use protecting the safety of thousands of law enforcement, military, and security personnel worldwide.

Modern lightweight composite armor shields now defeat “The Threats of the Day”


Humans kill each other and will continue to do so, forever. Today’s military and law enforcement personnel continue to fight and die on the front lines of a multifaceted war against the enemies of civilized society – the need for lightweight ballistic protection has never been greater. For more than 5,000 years the world’s warriors carried shields into battle, and these shields quickly became the centerpieces of battle tactics to effectively defeat “The Threats of the Day”.

The introduction of gunpowder and guns onto the battlefield temporarily eliminated the ability to design man-carried portable shields – early forms of metallic armor capable of stopping projectiles fired from guns was simply too heavy to carry.

Times have changed – modern lightweight composite armor and exoskeleton support technology has significantly advanced the art of shield design, and once again shields have reemerged as important protective gear to face the current “Threats of the Day”!

The people at Baker Ballistics are honored and humbled to advance the ancient art of handheld shield design to the highest levels of protection and function in existence, anywhere!

5,000 BC to 2019 AD


The use of shields dates back to the late Stone Age (upper Paleolithic period). Approximately 50,000 years ago early humans developed shields for protection against dangerous predatory animals – their “Threats of the Day”.

As the world became more populated, civilizations formed armies equipped with weapons and shields. Centuries of brutal warfare continuously advanced the art of weaponry, tactics and shields. Shield capability progressed to keep pace with advances in weapon lethality. Tactics were developed whereas the shield itself became an offensive weapon.

The introduction of gunpowder and guns onto the battlefield eliminated the ability to design practical man-carried portable shields – early forms of metallic armor capable of stopping projectiles fired from military long guns were simply too heavy to utilize on the battlefield.

The “Threats of the Day” continued to be countered by improvements in shield design, up to the invention of gunpowder and introduction of guns onto the battlefield. Stopping projectiles fired from guns required armor much too heavy for consideration to use in portable handheld shields – shield design and development stopped, and didn’t again reemerge until the 20th Century.

Beginning around 1925, portable metallic handheld shield designs were introduced to law enforcement personnel, providing protection against the new “Threat of the Day”, criminals armed with low velocity handgun and .45 caliber sub-machine guns.

“Threats of the Day” facing today’s breed of military and law enforcement warriors include continued threats from handguns, and increasing threats from shoulder fired small arms, such as: AR 5.56mm, AK 7.62mm x 39, and 7.62mm military grade small arms weaponry – often combined with readily available high-penetration ammunitions.

Baker Ballistics is proud to design and manufacture American made MRAPS® handheld ballistic shield designs that defeat current “Threat of the Day” modern weaponry, and advance the ancient art of shield design to levels of protection never before imaginable!

Speed. Surprise. Violence of Action®